Table of Contents

Article I - Preservation of Amateur Status
Article II - Team Sponsor Defined
Article III - Eligibility and Participation
Article IV - Transfer of Players
Article V - Official Team Rosters
Article VI - Game Regulations
Article VII - Post Season Playoff Series
Article VIII - Umpires
Article IX - Rainouts
Article X - Protests
Article XI - Collections
Article XII - League Entry Fees
Article XIII - GHTBL Operational Authority
Article XIV - Frozen Rosters
Article XV - Team Bench
Article XVI - Scoring
Article XVII - Misc.
Article XVIII - Rules Not Defined in By-laws
Article XIX - Postponed Games



The Greater Hartford Twilight Baseball League is made up of the Executive Committee and the directors. The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, Vice President(s), Treasurer and Secretary. The Directors shall be appointed by the Executive Committee and shall consist of one sponsor representative, one manager representative and one player representative.

The Executive Committee is responsible for all league operations conducted during the year. The executive Committee shall be elected annually by the officers of the GHTBL. The Executive Committee may remove any officer and/or Director at any time for failure to execute his responsibilities properly.

The Executive Committee and Board of Directors will meet at least twice a year as directed by the President or his assistant. Roberts Rules of Order will prevail at all meetings. The President or person from the Executive Committee appointed by the President shall service as Chairman of all meetings. Additions and deletions from the GHTBL By-Laws will be accepted in writing from any sponsor, manager or player, in good standing and will be acted upon the Executive Committee following suggestions from the Board of Directors and other interested parties.

I. Preservation of Amateur Status
A. Any player (or players) participating as a member (or members) of any team (or teams) in GHTBL shall not be compensated or paid for playing baseball in any GHTBL baseball game. Gifts shall include items such as tickets and items of baseball equipment such as gloves, shoes etc. This regulation has been adopted to protect the amateur status of potential and current scholarship and collegiate athletes who are, or will be, registered for participation in the GHTBL. This rule follows the NCAA rules.

B. Violation of this regulation shall cause the offending player or manager to be barred from competition in the GHTBL immediately and for the duration of the current season and until such time, in the future, when for good and sufficient reasons, said player and or manager’s application for reinstatement may be considered.

II. Team Sponsor Defined
A. Any individual, corporation, company or group which (1) applies for a team “place” in the GHTBL or (2) is asked to sponsor a team in the GHTBL and (3) is accepted in conformity with all GHTBL team entry acceptance regulation, and (4) pays the entry fee for said team unit (prior to the start of season or as directed by the Executive Committee) shall be regarded and referred to as a “Team Sponsor”.

B. If the sponsor has initialed the team entry, the sponsor may change the name of the last year’s team entry in the GHTBL, providing such name change has been recorded with the League Executive Committee prior to the printing of the new season’s schedule

C. If the general manager or manager has obtained the sponsor, he has the right to terminate the sponsorship upon securing a new sponsor. No recruited sponsor may change the name of the team or terminate a general manager or manager without a written application and league hearing and approval by the President.

D. Team general managers, manager, coaches or representative who engage in services to and for the various team units DO NOT HAVE SPONSORSHIP STATUS in the GHTBL unless they have paid the team entry fees and have been officially recorded as “Team Sponsors”.

E. A Team Sponsor, once established in the GHTBL, shall retain the franchise in the GHTBL continuously from year to year until and unless they shall:
1. Fail to annually sponsor a team unit, or
2. At any time, through official sources, relinquish the franchise, or
3. Fail to comply with and adhere to all GHTBL standards and requirements as interpreted by the GHTBL Executive Committee.

F. Sponsorship Requirements
1. Sponsors are responsible for full and complete baseball uniforms.
2. Approved League Balls and Bats
3. Acceptable playing fields and required number of home dates

G. New Team Requirements for entry into League
1. A letter from sponsor listing tentative roster with at least 10 players of Twilight League caliber. Included should be information on players such as what schools they have or are playing for as well as any baseball experience they have had. 
2. Information about the field they will be using for the season and firm dates for scheduled games. Lighted fields for new entries. This can be reviewed by the President of the League if there are circumstances that exist and the team would enhance the league. 
3. Names of managers/coaches and any experience they have had. 
4. No new team coming into the league may have any players on their roster that were on the ending roster of any team in the league the prior year. 
5. The annual fee must be paid in full up front 30 days before the season starts. Probationary period of two (2) years.

III. Eligibility and Participation
A. Any player who has not participated during the current season as a member of the GHTBL team or listed on the final roster of the previous season may be signed and claimed by any GHTBL manager. Players listed on the final roster cannot be inactive for the season.

B. Players who actively participate on the playing field must make their appearance in a complete baseball uniform including team hats as defined by American League baseball rules (for the duration of the baseball game).

C. Any uniformed player, substitute player or team manager who drinks intoxicating beverages on or in the vicinity of any baseball field where GHTBL games are about to be played, or are being played, shall be suspended for a period of which will include the next (3) three league games which his team is scheduled to play and a $25.00 fine (in each instance) shall be imposed and become due and payable by the offending team or teams to the GHTBL treasurer, not later than 48 hours after the violation occurs.

D. Smoking on the bench during a GHTBL game is prohibited. The offending player or manager shall be suspended from the current game.

IV. Transfer of Players
A. Any player who participated in a GHTBL game (in whole or part) cannot participate as an active member of any other GHTBL team during the current season unless extenuating circumstances are presented to Executive Committee for review and consideration.

B. Any official player releases must be written down and mailed to the league at 35 Bancroft Rd East Hartford, CT 06114 or emailed to league at

C. The original release must be filed with a member of the Executive Committee before the player can become eligible to play as a released player. One copy must be issued to the team manager who by means of such a release acquired the player and the second copy shall be retained by the manager who processed the release. The release will not be final until all uniform/equipment are returned.

D. Any team manager who plays a man who has not been officially released will forfeit the game in which the ineligible man played and the player involved will be barred from participation in the GHTBL throughout the duration of the current season.

V. Official Team Rosters
A. The “Open Roster System” will be in effect (contingent upon compliance with Regulation III, A and B and C) until the deadline date for filing closed rosters which is July 5. Closed Rosters must be emailed or mailed to a member of the Executive Committee at that time.

B. Official Team Rosters shall be limited to 25 active players (for each team) and each Team Roster must be signed by the team manager and team captain (if the team has one) in each instance.

C. Any team manager who plays a man not listed on the team roster after the deadline filing date will forfeit the game in which the unlisted player participated and will be find $25.00 for each player violation.

VI. Game Regulations
A. Each GHTBL team shall report for scheduled games with enough players to field a complete team (9 players) or will be obligated to pay the umpire fee charged the league for an unplayed game. The fee must be paid to the GHTBL Treasurer prior to the next scheduled game.

B. All GHTBL games must start promptly at the scheduled time or as ruled by attending umpire/umpires.

C. A grace period of 30 minutes, however, is allowed when legitimate reasonable circumstances make it impossible for any team manager to field a team of nine men at the scheduled game time unless additional time is requested by the home team manager due to circumstances that are unusual and approved by the President. In that case, the game must start immediately when the 9th player arrives.

D. No game will end in a tie. Any game not completed will continue at the point it is at the earliest date available. This will be any game regardless of how many innings have been played. No game will be played over from the start.

E. There shall be no recourse if the umpire declares a forfeit after the grace period at the start of a game because a contesting team has been unable to field 9 men during the game. (A manager or coach not listed as an active player on the 25 man roster may be utilized to complete the 9 man team in this situation only.

F. Any team which forfeits three (3) games during the regular season (including playoffs) shall:
1. Be dropped from the GHTBL and all future opponents shall be credited with a “Forfeit win” on their scheduled game date and 2. Forfeit all payments (entry fees, fines etc) in whole or part which have been made to the GHTBL First Forfeit - $50.00 penalty, second forfeit $100.00 must be paid to the treasurer.

G. If a team is playing a 6:00 game at a field that does have lights, the lights may be turned on to complete the game, if darkness would have prevented it from being completed.

H. All games must be scheduled to start no later than 7:00. If a game is scheduled after 7:00, the home team must pay an additional fee of $10.00 per umpire as per contract with umpires.

VII. Postseason Playoff Series
A. Pre-season meeting to determine playoff regulations which may vary from season to season because of changes in the number of league teams.

B. No player may participate in the playoff series unless he has played (and has been listed in the box scores) in at least 5 GHTBL games.

C. First position is decided in a single playoff unless the 1st place managers agree to Co-championships, Season records determine the other positions. If there is more than a 2 way tie for the positions in questions, this will be determined by records against the first place team or each team in descending order.

D. All playoff teams (or League) must furnish 2 dozen balls.

VIII. Umpires
A. GHTBL Umpires will be assigned by the Conn. Board of Approved Umpires Inc. or other Executive Committee approved group.

B. The GHTBL Umpires will have full and complete charge of the game to which they are assigned and shall be responsible for the proper conduct of said games.

C. Any uniformed player, substitute player or team manager who is ejected from any GHTBL for any reason by the umpire/umpires will leave the ball field and the immediate seating areas.

D. Any infraction must be presented to the President or Executive Board in writing for review and determination of disciplinary action.

E. If the infraction is found to be valid, the involved player/players, substitute player/players and or team manager can face a suspension for a period which may include the next three (3) games played.

IX. Rainouts
A. Regardless of weather conditions, the scheduled teams must report ready to play unless the team manager in each instance has been notified by an officer of the league (radio announcement, etc) that the scheduled game has been postponed.

B. All postponed and make up games will be rescheduled.

X. Prostests
A. Each protest must be submitted in written form with a $50.00 protest fee, to the GHTBL President or one of his assistants, not later than 48 hours after the conclusions of the protested game. When a protest is judged to be valid, the protest fee shall be returned. When the protest is judged to be not valid the protest fee shall be forfeited and allocated to the GHTBL treasury (1994 changed from $35.00 to 50.00).

XI. Collections
A. Collections at various scheduled games shall be at discretion of home and all proceeds go to home team.

B. Postseason game collections, donations and other sources of revenues are to be turned over to GHTBL treasurer.

XII. Entry League Fees
A. New teams must pay the entire league fee up front before season starts.

B. One half of the entry fees, amount to be determined by the Executive Committee prior to the start of the season, shall be due and payable one week prior to the opening of the season. If the entry fee is not paid by this time, a $100.00 fine will be imposed, payable to the GHTBL, but must in any case be paid before the start of the seasons’ first game. After the start of the season, any team’s league entry fee which has not been paid could result in the team being eliminated from the GHTBL for the season. The second half of the league entry fee is due on or before June 1st.

XIII. GHTBL Operational Authority
A. THE GHTBL Executive Committee has total operational authority for the operation of the league. The President of the GHTBL shall serve as Commissioner of the League and with the approval (if possible because of time limitations) of the Executive Committee, shall have complete authority to make any and all judgments pertaining to the every day questions and problems that might arise during the season. The decision rendered by the commissioner and/or Executive Committee will be regarded as final.

B. In the Commissioners absence, a member of the Executive Committee may act with total authority.

XIV. Frozen Rosters
A. No team can lose more than two (2) players from it’s roster from the end of the year to the beginning of the next year. Any player who wants a release, including these two players must notify A league official in writing or e-mail at before May 1. The players must return any uniforms and equipment before the release can be official. The league will notify the team manager.

B. No player can leave 1st or 2nd year teams unless released by their manager. (2/2/06 MDF)

C. No new team coming into the league may have any players on their roster that are on the ending roster of any team in the league the previous year. An exception can be made by the President of the League for the betterment of the league. Another exception may occur if the new team has a manager or coach (not to exceed one manger and two coaches) from their hometown. 

D. New team player(s) are ineligible to play for any other GHTBL team for a period of two (2) years unless released by their Manager.

XV. Team Bench
A. Only authorized uniformed players and official personnel (scorer, trainer etc) permitted on bench.

XVI. Scoring
A. Home Team is responsible to provide an official scorer for each scheduled GHTBL game. The individual’s name must be given to the league office.

B. Teams are requested to call or give information to their own media.

C. Home team required to call information to Courant immediately after game.

D. All scores and stats must be input on the league website within 3 days.

XVII. Miscellaneous
A. Player leaving GHTBL team is responsible to return all uniforms and issued equipment. Uniforms not returned will prevent any player from participation in any GHTBL game until uniform is returned.

B. New sponsor must indicate in writing to the GHTBL Executive Committee intentions to play in the league on or before February 1 of the new year.

C. Simple majority shall constitute a quorum of all Executive Committee meetings.

D. All post season games must be played for the entire 7 innings.

XVIII. Rules not Defined in By-laws
A. American League rules apply to all GHTBL games except:

B. Official game is 4 1⁄2 - 5 innings. If an official game is called on a non lighted field and a portion of an inning is complete and game is called, we would revert back to the last full inning completed for the score. If tied in that inning the game would be resumed at a later date.

C. NCAA rules apply:
Rule 8 sect 4. Force Play Slide Rule
Rule 8 sect. 7 Collision Rule

D. If a game is started and only a portion of an inning is completed (not official game) it will be rescheduled starting at point where it was called.

XVIV. Postponed Games
A. All postponed games must be rescheduled within 48 hours. They must be made up at the next available time. If the above is not completed within that time, league officials will reschedule the game. During the final two weeks of the season all rainouts must be made up within 2 days.